Why this blog?

Many people have asked me, “why do you have this blog?” My response to them is, “I am tired of seeing honest people being a victim of racism or stereotypes because of their color, status, the way they look, their disabilities, or being told they “cannot” accomplish something…It’s time to say something, one voice may not change an entire world; however, it may change a person…One voice can shake the foundation; just look at how the “revolutionary war” started…”

Let me break it down, how people are victims of racism, stereotypes, and being told they “cannot” accomplish something:

(1) Racism – I remember that I was a victim of racism; even before I walk. Why? Simple, I was born with Congenital Heart Disease, Latino, and to hard-working (but still) poor parents. I hit the “trifecta”  even before I came out of the womb (LOL)…As I  grew up,  lot of individuals in society where “racist” towards me; for example, my tenth grade math teacher stated, “I wont graduate because I was (and I quote) a spic”…Brothers and sisters, racism exist even today no matter what color, gender, or status you are; but I believe and will continue preaching that every man/woman are equal no matter what color, gender, or status you are…Like I tell my kids, “When you are born, you are born naked…no matter if you are white, black, brown, rich, poor, handicap, male, or female…”

(2) Stereotypes  – I remember one day I was cutting the lawn for my purchased home, and a couple assumed that I was “cutting” the lawn for the new owners because of my color…you should have seen their faces, when I stated I was the owner; “priceless”…I have also been a victim of stereotypical remarks, or jokes; and believe me when I said that some weren’t because of my color, but because of my disability…Brothers and sisters, stereotypes exist today; but like the saying says, “stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”…My mother said when someone tries to put you down, it’s because that person can’t comprehend what you are doing…

(3) Being told they “cannot” accomplish something – I remember when I was a kid; I wanted to play baseball in the RHYBL league…I was told “no” because of my congenital heart disease; I wasn’t taking “no” by the league director, doctor, or family member…In my mind, I should be allowed to play like the “normal” kids; I got a chest plate (that got ridicule by a lot of people), and played that season…Made it to the “All-Star Game”…Brothers and sisters, there will be people who will tell you, “you cannot do this or that”; but, if you are passionate, dedicated, and willing you can/will accomplish that dream/goal in your life…remember, “success is not for the faint of heart” ~ unknown

This blog was created with the sole purpose of letting you know that no matter what life dishes your way; only you can control your destiny…You can “give up” and continue being a victim of racism, stereotypes, or being told you “cannot” accomplish something…or, you can confront your situations, not “give up”, not be a victim, and bring forth “change” in your life…It’s not easy, but it can be done…

This blog is designed to be a voice in the midst of racism, stereotypes, or being told you “cannot” accomplish something; letting the perpetrators know that I am no longer a victim without a voice; you do or say something “negative”, I will talk about it on the post…and most importantly, “Living, speaking, and changing lives…”

Luv ya, and my favorite saying…This is me…love me, hate me…however, I will never change… A Latino with a voice…living, speaking, and changing lives…this is Who I Really Am…


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