I was born on March 16th, 1982 to two very young parents…who didn’t know what was going to occur…I was born with 5 murmurs in my heart, missing half of my Aorta, and my heart’s left on the right side & the right on the left side. One of the murmurs close…leaving only four… if one more closed…I would have died. My parents love me…but, didn’t know what to do. I am one of 5 brothers and 3 sisters. Three of them in Rochester, NY and five of them in Hartford, CT. Most of my younger years…I was in and out of hospitals–that’s all I remember.

After 10 years my parents decided to divorced…my dad fought for us, but lost. I think that was part of his drug addiction…my dad has been cleaned for over 10 years…thank you dad. My mother was a single mother for awhile, then she got with my first step-father. He was one of those guys who appeared good…until marriage, then everything changes. In 1991 we moved to Rochester, NY for my 1st open-heart surgery.

My first open-heart surgery was a huge event in my mother & father’s life. Not only was I going to get cut up…my baby-sister (who is in University of Hartford) was going to surgery as well…My father came for one day…then had to leave. I was mad at him until I became a father…now I know all the things a father has to do. Like my mother always said, “tu no sabes lo que sufren la madre o el padre…hasta que tu seas uno” (you don’t know what a mother or father suffers…until you become one). It was a hard moment for my mother, because the doctor told her I was dead for five minutes…

now if you are a mother, you understand what she was going through at that moment…

a lady came into the room…and said “life“…and here I am…if you think I am lying ask my mother. The doctor didn’t know what to do…he just finish telling a grieving mother that her son was dead…now he has to go back, and tell her that I am alive. I think he checked with the hospital lawyers first…(LOL)

I was still young…and my father faded away, until he eventually forgot about us…I recovered and my mother got married with my first step-father and that’s when the fun started. My step-father and one of my oldest brother constantly argued…my step-father threaten my brother…and my brother threaten my step-father (if it was a bet at stake…I would go for my brother). My mother fell deeper in depression and had more pills than the city’s hospital.

However, no matter how depressed my mother was or how angry she was at my brother…she should have never said, “I was a mistake…I should have died” not once but twice. She should have just killed me at birth or gave me up for adoption…it would have hurt…however, not as much as those words. No parent should ever say that…no matter how depressed or angry you are.

Me my mother & father grew apart…I started my journey of being different…after being thrown out 2 by my mother…because “God told her“. I graduated from high school in 11 grade with no parental support only my brother who believed in me…even though he hated me sometimes. A math teacher didn’t think I would make it…because I was a “spic”. With no studying, and getting out of my second open-heart surgery I passed all my tests and graduated with a 3.96…made the newspaper thanks to someone special in PRYD. (A place for unfortunate, forgotten, poverty stricken, minority, society already pre-determined our future youth…People who worked there actually cared.)

I went to college, got married and had three wonderful kids…who shares what their dad shares at a young age. A wife who cares for me, really loves me, and it’s willing to overcome everything with me. My first stroke happened when I was only 21 years old…and my second one happened recently–on February 6th, 2011…Superbowl Sunday (it couldn’t have waited until the Superbowl was over…LOL).

So let’s summarize…I almost died several times when I was young, I had two open-heart surgeries with pacemakers, going to get my third pacemaker soon, told by my mother that I was a mistake should have never been born, my dad reject me, my brother tried to kill me, had guns in my head, knifes in my throat, did drugs, hustled, lived in the street, preached, got married young, graduated at 11th grade with all my credits, was told by my Math Teacher that I won’t graduate because I am a “spic”, love to debate, had a stroke at 21, then another at 28, was called a liar, racist, Frank Abagnale, hated by many, loved by few, don’t know how to close my mouth…but no matter what went wrong, I never did or will give up…because, “Success is not for the faint of heart…” (Author Unknown)

Despise what my “family” has done in the past, present, and what they will do…I still “love” each and everyone of them…because after all…if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have a story.

I live by…first everyone has a story…some like to share to help others…others keep it to themselves. Second, family is what defines you, it’s what makes you, and it’s what plays a big role in your future…remember your past paints your present, your present determines your future…what are you going to do?

I never “screwed” my family and they never “screwed” me…they just helped me realize why God has put me on this world…so remember…this is me…love me, hate me…however, I will never change… A Latino with a voice…living, speaking, and changing lives…this is Who I Really Am…

If you haven’t checked my interview…I encouraged you to do so…I already receive mixed reviews…it is at:

One more thing…I have been called Dr. Martin Luther King for the Latinos, Jesus, The Preacher, and much more…I am honored, however I am not them…I am Jonathan Baez the small Latino with a big voice…loved by few, hated by many…and want to clarify something…I LOVE MY MOTHER, FATHER, STEP-FATHER (MIGUEL R.I.P), BROTHERS & SISTERS…even if they don’t love me…

I love everyone…life is to short…to hold a grudge…luv ya.


2 thoughts on “Biography

  1. You are truly an inspiration to me. You have changed my life for the better and for that I am thankful. I love you and appreciate you everyday.
    By: Jennifer Baez The woman behind this amazing man.

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