As we progress through this month — with the lost of an iconic figure (Whitney Houston)…we must not forget what this month is about.

This month we celebrate the brave men & women that stood in front of adversary, laughter, dis-belief, animosity, & hatred and fought for the equality of humanity.

This month we reflect on the beauty that was reflected through the marches, speeches, and actions; the “belief” that one day, no matter the skin color equality was going to be given in the schools, services, neighborhoods, politics, etc…but most importantly they “believed”

You see if Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, and so many others didn’t “believe” we probably wouldn’t have Black History Month…or music icons like Gladys Knight…or actors like Denzel Washington…or our 1st black president, Barack H. Obama.

The “belief” that equality was going to be given propelled all the amazing black men & women to go above and beyond…to not settle for “average”…to not give in to fear, hatred, or words of discouragement…they knew with every fiber in their body — that somehow, someway, what they did…would have great ripple effects & change history in his entirety.

Many of those great men & women may not live to see what has happened, what their “belief” has given us, how their determination, willingness, sweat, cries, & their “no quit” spirit has empowered many young people in fighting for what they “believe” in…

The fight is not over…but these great black men & women have started it — now it’s up to us to finish it…just BELIEVE.

Happy Valentines…with luv.


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