9 years…

I can tell you…if a genie grant me a wish to go back — I wouldn’t change anything.

Look, my marriage hasn’t been peaches & cream or a fairytale marriage — but I can say with a 100% certainty that no other female will give me what my wife has given/gives me, will make me happy, and will love me like she does.


  1. When my mother told me “I was a mistake”… I started to develop this mentality that “love” was just a fairytale; I didn’t “love” anyone or even myself — my wife was able to show me that “love” really exist…not this cheap motel love…but true love“. You see the definition in my eyes of “true love” is when you are patient, when you genuinely care, when you have consideration, when you do things expecting nothing in return, etc…
  2. My wife woke up that “fighting spirit” that I was taught since childhood — in my wife eyes “quitting” is not an option.
  3. My wife has taught me that happiness starts with “you” — we are all unique…but that uniqueness, that difference, is what makes us very interesting individuals…none of us are “dull”; so don’t be told otherwise.
  4. My wife has re-energized my passion for success — she tells me, “that you shouldn’t complain about your lifestyle; unless, you’re ready to do something about it…”


  1. Her smarts — without her…I can say that I wouldn’t accomplish a lot that I have accomplished
  2. Her beauty — let me tell you…her beauty is outside, as well as inside
  3. Her dedication — she doesn’t know how to “quit” (which is good)
  4. Her passion — she is the most passionate individual I have met to date
  5. Her motherhood — there are excellent, superb, great, etc… mothers out there…and our kids are blessed to have one of them
  6. Her “can do” spirit — she doesn’t let anyone (not even me) tell her what she can/cannot do…she believes that anyone can do anything no matter their gender
  7. Her “fight for justice” — she doesn’t believe in injustice…and she will “fight” until justice is given

I had nothing (I mean no job, money, housing,etc…) and my wife didn’t care — she loved me not for what I had or was able to offer (which wasn’t that much)… but for who I was. I will say that I am a blessed man for having this woman in my life…

I had 9 good years…and I planned to have, 9,10,15,50 years more — I love you, and “thank you” for these 9 years…



One thought on “9 years…

  1. I am truly blesses as well to have such an extraordinary man in my life, you have opened me to stand up for myself and to give my all and more. You have given me that joy of life and have shown me that not all men are the same. We have both been through bad realtionships but we have had our best with each other. You love me for me and no more than that. You make me happy by just breathing. I love you and look forward to our FOREVER!!!!!

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