Never Forgotten…

This Sunday will be a decade (10 years) that we lost a lot of brave men/women on the tragic September 11th, 2001. The attack left us numb–feeling hopeless as we watched the planes hit the towers, and the people plunge to their death. Fear crept into our soul–pain embraced us; anger overpower us.

We cried, screamed, and cursed–we were afraid of going out, flying, getting on a train/bus, or going to the subway. We needed to hear words of hope, we needed to be lifted up again, we needed to hear words of courage.

What this group of extremist did was uncalled for–a lot of innocent casualties. On May the leader of this tragic attack was brought to justice–when he was killed by our soldiers.

This Sunday they will have a remembrance ceremony in NYC–the entire United States of America will take a moment of silence to remember all those brave men/women we lost.

I want to take this moment to tell all of my readers that they (the men/women that died on September, 11th 2001) may not be with us physically–but they are with us in spirit. Their braveness & courageous spirit in the midst of chaos will be spoken of for generations to come.  They were taken from us before their time…but no matter how much it pains me, how much their non-existence breaks my heart–they will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN

Bless all the families that where affected on September, 11th 2011–and keep our men/women who are fighting overseas safe and bring them back home.

A poem of remembrance:

In Remembrance

A flag of honor, a flag for reflection
It stands for us all uniting this nation.
It will keep in our minds this tragic day,
Memories of such heroic acts shall not go away.

As we look on this flag of cloth and thread,
A field of bright red for the blood that was shed.
Not just on this day of lasting memories,
But for lives that were given throughout history.

Two towers of strength that rose up so high,
Reaching for dreams, they stretched to the sky.
They lay now in ruin at the hands of hate,
Great symbols of our nation have met this fate.

Our nation’s military housed in a fortress of steel;
We’re reminded this day that war is so real.
Hitting the heart of our power and might,
Rise up America, this terror we must fight!

Stars that shine on a field of bright blue,
Remind us of heroes with hearts so true.
An ordinary day, it had started out to be,
Soon their lives would be given for you and me.

A circle is drawn to stand for our nation’s unity,
A nation coming together through such tragedy.
A reminder is given for all of America to see,
That our freedom is never really free.

“God Bless America” is written in white,
Make this your prayer each and every night.
God is always with us, He knows our needs
Bring America back to God, should be our decree.

Much was given, many were lost on this day,
A man of terror tried to take our spirit away.
Do not let our new found spirit and unity fade,
As you look on this flag, remember this day …

By: © Lt. Tom Robinson, Wilmington, NC Firefighter


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