Is it worth it…

Since I started this blog back in March–I wanted to write this post. The reason being that I grew up/ was around “complainers”…Let me explain before I get murdered (LOL)

I believe there are two sets of people, (1) the doers–meaning no matter what comes their way, what obstacles arise, or how many times they get thrown to the ground…they get up and continue fighting; they don’t give up. Because they know that “giving up” is not worth it, they understand what is at stake, they believe that there is hope no matter how it looks, and they are fighters not quitters…You see every great leader, motivational speaker–everyone had their obstacle; their big mountain to climb. The doers look at the mountain, don’t question “how they are going to climb it” or ” are they going to reach the top”–they just climb; and hours, days, weeks, months, or years later they reach the top. Meaning they accomplished their dream, or goal; they reach their success.

Then you have (2) the complainers–meaning that they become complacent with their lives; but complain about it. I don’t understand this set of people–they want a lot (which isn’t bad), but they don’t want to fight for it. It’s like a baseball player–he wants a home-run; but doesn’t want to swing a bat/ a football player–he wants a touchdown; but doesn’t want the football. This may sound harsh…my words may make you stop reading my posts; but I am going to say it anyways, “stop complaining, nobody wants hear it (especially in Facebook); and change it…ask yourself is giving up on your dreams, quitting, not fighting for what you believe is right, living paycheck-to-paycheck, always being broke, being overwhelmed by the bills, having a partner not believing in you, surrounding yourself by negative people, hating every one, hating those that commit harm to you, or not being happy–Is it worth it”…

If the answer is “yes”–stop complaining, and live your life to the fullest; cause you never know when it’s your last day…

If the answer is “no”–stop complaining, and change it; cause you never know when it’s your last day…

You see I/others can turn blue telling you don’t give up, you can buy a lot of motivational books, or listen to a lot of motivational talk–but none of this will help you, if you don’t start doing something about it…meaning the CHANGE starts with you, and only you…

So ask yourself these (2) questions–1. Which set do I belong too? 2. Is it worth it? Thank you for letting me write this post–and I want to let you know that if many people before & in the present have accomplished their success; no matter what came their way…then you too my reader & friend can accomplish your success.

I gave my life to become the person I am right now. Was it worth it? ~ Richard Bach

I want to take this moment to say “thank you” to all the wonderful readers, commentators, and the wonderful people who allowed me to feature them in my blog–I will not be posting until September 6th, 2011; Once again “thank you” & see ya on September 6th, 2011…


4 thoughts on “Is it worth it…

  1. I like what you said on this post. We sure do complain alot i do to, but like u said if we dont like how we living or anything else do something about it, nothing is for free u have to earn it, i respect ur opinion, so far i like blog keep it up and keep ur head up.

  2. God Bless you and Your Family, it is truly a great gift to have your wife being so grateful about you – truly inspirational…thanks for sharing.

  3. you are the man jonathan! i really really really think that you are a genius or something…you have the same gift that i have. i believe in you & am so grateful to have met you & have the forturne of calling you a friend.



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