What is this word love…

Throughout my whole life I heard the word “love”–my dad would say it to my mom, my mom would say to us, and I say to my wife and kids…But what does this four letter word means–I mean before two individuals get divorced they said it, or before someone says/do something horrible to a sibling they said it…So my question is, “what is this word love?”

Anyone can “love”–but not everyone has unconditional love or “true love”…you see the difference is that with “love”–you can love & hate. With “true love” you only love; still don’t understand, let me break it down (like they say in my hood…LOL)

When you have “true love” –you love your family, friends, enemy, and even those who do harm against you; yes I said “even those who do harm against you”. You see “true love” forgives all the negativity that may be done to you. With that said, it it’s hard to be “human” and have “true love”–but besides Jesus there where other men that displayed this kind of love.

Let me focus on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, (my hero) he was mocked, spat on, beaten, locked up–and still (keeping his cool) managed to spread his message of “equality”. Not many of us would go through this kind of torture to get what we believe we should get…

My readers when you let “true love” embrace you–you feel light as a feather…what I mean “hate” is so heavy it drags you down. When you “hate” someone your just allowing that someone to continue controlling your life. You don’t believe me–when I had hate towards my mom, everything I did/said was to get farther…I wasn’t doing “things” because I wanted to do it–I wasn’t even enjoying most of the “things” I did…when I truly ask & gave forgiveness–not only was this “heavy” burden lifted; but I started to see clear. Ask yourself (if you hate someone) are you truly doing what you are doing for you or them?

So I believe is time to say goodbye to “love” and say hello to “true love”–don’t let anyone ruin your dreams…forgive and forget. It’s hard to do, but it can be done.

Thank you to Jules for honoring me with his feature (I hoped you enjoyed)–if you want to be featured, send me an email at jonathan.baez82@gmail.com…Have a wonderful weekend; next week we are going to reflect more on “fear, pain, and love”

“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.” ~  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. quotes


3 thoughts on “What is this word love…

  1. Wow, this is so true…and can be so hard for us to do. It’s definitely something to think about – on a daily basis.

    Also, that’s a wonderful quote from Dr. King. We just discussed in bible study last Friday about the crucifixion and how, though Satan saw it as a victory, he did not realize it was his greatest and eternal defeat.

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