Featuring Jules R. Ferguson

I had the pleasure of meeting Jules R. Ferguson through a friend; Jules spirit of changing everyone (or a person) through his books, music, poetry, or his invention—has touched me, and I would love to share this feeling with all my readers. So readers without further delayed; I present to you the author of “The Naked Truth” Jules Ferguson.

Question 1: Tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Jules Ramon Ferguson; I am 31 years old, and born in Queens, NY–raised in St. Thomas (an US Virgin Island). I am currently in active duty military, an author, poet, singer, rapper, songwriter, inventor, motivator, entrepreneur, dreamer, visionary, believer, father, son, friend, and lover of God.

Question 2: Tell us what you do?
Well I write books, make music, and just basically create products. Things that come from within me, things that I get visions of and work my tail off to make exist in the reality of the world we live in.

Question 3: Is brilliance and uniqueness the same? If not why?
I dunno; being brilliant is being able to shine above and beyond. Uniqueness is more about adept qualities that shape individuality. They sound like separate and polar opposites to me; although, a desire to bring the two together for a purpose is very doable.

Question 4: What makes you unique?
I can shape shift–meaning I can take anyone’s power and ability and learn how to do it, use & master it…I do it all the time. I have been blessed with an unlimited amount of talents and gifts most of which I have not yet found out that I have.

Question 5: What inspires you to do what you do?
Hope. In a nutshell hope. People need inspiration; life sucks without the proper guidance and perspective. I did not have it for periods/times in my life–I do not want others to go without having someone to push them, believe in them, love them, and inspire them to be all that they can be.

This week topic is on “Love” let’s hear what Jules has to say…

Question 6: Why do you think people should love?
Because love is “life”; when you love you live. Love is a key ingredient of what it is to be alive. Love offers hope, healing, peace, joy, faith, fun, growth, lessons, grief, sorrow, and many more things. Love is all encompassing; omnipresent and omnidirectional humbling experience. Within it holds the key to life.

Question 7: Do you think there is a difference between love & unconditional love? If yes, what is it? If no, why not?
Yes. True love is to love regardless. There are no if, ands, buts, situations, experiences, none of them count. True love just is there. Conditional love is all the reasoning behind loving somebody and a single solitary reason on why you would ever have a reason not to love that person and possibly choose to not love that person, if they did a particular thing (whatever that thing may be because you disapprove of it so strongly you will choose not to love that person anymore). If that reason exists, you do not truly love whatever it is you think you love. I call it selfish love. Love has no reason. I ask my daughter why she loves me all the time, her answer, “because I do”. If you ever want to learn about true love; look no further than a dog. If you love the way a dog loves; you got true love. What I mean, dogs are the most loyal lovers on earth–they will follow you around, run at you as soon as they see you, no matter what they are happy to see you each and every time you walk through the door, and they greet you with the same amount of intense love.  Anything less, I can’t say you really have true love; only you can …

Question 8: Why do you think that people hate vs. love their enemies?
Hate is taught to us. Think about it as kids, we always forgave. Always! As adults, it becomes more complicated to do so–because we associate and carry a bunch of stuff with it– such as past memories and reasons why we choose to hate. Also, people do not have God first in their life and the Godly principles associated with it. I say this not to pass judgment, I say this in truth. No man can hate and love at the same time. God did not hate. If you are trying to be like God, that is a choice to let go of “who you are” and become something else–that is the process of changing and becoming something else? For example, (and this is purely hypothetical to illustrate a drastic point) If I choose to have a gender change and become female.  Then that stipulates that I must choose to let go of my male qualities and behaviors. Why am I making this comparison? Because it is an all or none commitment–you see most people change halfheartedly without the full commitment!

What’s my point? My point is forgiveness. If you are going to forgive; forgive. It requires a commitment.  To hate is to choose not to forgive. To love does not mean I will love you because you have not done anything wrong to me, you do what I ask, what I like, and you help me when I need you. To love means I love you regardless to whether you love me, it means I choose to love you because I love your soul, your essence, and your spirit. People hate their enemies instead of loving their enemies because they have never truly loved anything in the way that I described. If they did the spirit of love is contagious and it pours over into every element of your life; albeit slowly but it does. You can’t fight the spreading of love within you once you get a taste of it. You realize you must apply it to all things–and so you do. I must admit it is a process; but it is a process you submit to.

Question 9: Do you think that people should love their enemies and/or those who do harm to them? If yes, why? If no, why not?
I think people should do what is right, not because somebody else is doing right, or the fact they are being told/forced to do it, but only do right for the selfish reason and purpose of self-gratification, and knowing all the good that is associated behind it from your own perspective–not because of the reward anyone else gives you for it. I am not so sure loving your enemies or not loving your enemies is the REAL question at stake here? Because the answer to that question is not of true importance and will not get you a permanent solution to the underlying question.  The REAL question is that you need to love yourself! If you love yourself and respect yourself 100% you will become incapable of hating anything ever, and that is what is most important–to reach a place of oneness with thy own self.

Question 10: Do you think that if you don’t “love” you don’t love yourself? If yes, why? If no, why not?
If you don’t love, it is not that you don’t love yourself; it is that you don’t truly understand the concept of love at its core. What I am talking about is the reason love exists and why its existence is so fundamentally important to human existence –especially your own. If you did, you would not become angry anymore, you would not hate, you would choose to be nice even when it does not behoove you and fight “fire” with kindness, and love instead of with the element of fire itself.. Love wins out every time over anger and hate-remember-If you don’t love you are cheating yourself. Period! End of story. The only reason anyone would choose not to love is because of fear. Therefore fear is ruling your life not your cognitive rationale but fear and the absence of knowing the absolute of what is going to happen, which means that you are truly not living your life you are merely managing it.

I asked some questions about “love” and Latinos; let’s hear what Jules had to say…

Question 11: Do you think Latinos love more than any other race? If yes, why? If no, why not?
I believe
that the majority of Latinos are more passionate in certain areas of life than say other races that exist. I believe the reason is because they have a soul just like each and every person on earth does; but I believe they actually put their soul to use  for things, such as: cooking, dancing, sex, and fighting to name a few. Passion and love are very close family member’s kin to the soul!

Question 12: Do you think that “love” is a key ingredient of success, therefore Latinos should love more? If yes, why? If no, why not?
I don’t know if love is a key component of success in all things because you can technically be successful without love per say. But I do believe love is a key component to everything. Love is like air. We need love in order to survive, without love we would be lifeless within–and isn’t that basically dead? To live without any real passion or zest for life–we need love in order to grow and push on.

Question 13: Do you think that “love” can motivate Latinos to fight for success? If yes, how? If no, what can be a motivator?
Love has no limitations, it is not something that is tangible, it is an emotion that people feel from the effect that something else tangible or intangible gives them,
and love affects everyone uniquely. So to answer your question, sure love can motivate a Latino to fight for success, it can also motivate someone to do silly acts, horrifying acts, and treacherous acts all in the name of love if not properly managed, utilized and understood. As far as how? Well love can make you give the desire necessary to push forward beyond your normal limitations, love can make you not give in, love can give you a reason to do something, in the name of itself–love, fear and hate are also some of the other biggest motivators that exist.

Question 14: Do you think that “hating others” is an excuse that Latinos use to stay in their comfort-zone? If yes, why? If not, then what?
People hate out of ignorance—period end of story. It is a sign of spiritual immaturity, mental maturity, it is a sure-fire sign of a controlling spirit that the person has, that is some of the reasons why people hate. It is not a racial problem it is a human problem. People pass on the poison of hate to one another as if it was a cold; sometimes knowingly, at other times unknowingly. You used the word comfort zone. Ummm…yea, that is one way to look at it. Really hate shows a lack of understanding of the reflection that we see in the mirror. How is it that we can hate any human being? I can understand being mad at them. But hate? People hate people for really simple stuff and I won’t give an example to prove it because we have all done it at one point in time whether it is as adults or as kids. However, it is something that is not necessary because the only person who gets hurt when they hate is the person whom holds the hate within themselves in their heart, in their mind, and in their souls? What I am saying is think of your heart, mind and soul as a canister—an empty canister. If you pour in hate, and because hate is such a strong emotion it will fill up the empty canister at least half-way. Now let’s say that empty canister is your heart. You can’t use half of your heart because the other half is filled up with HATE. If it is your mind; you can’t use half of your mind because the other half is consumed with HATE. Do you catch my drift? How much hate can you put inside of you and still exist. That is a question you should ask yourself and answer carefully! Yes they can use it as motivation and get revenge. However, you truly hurt yourself because if you are holding on to hate that means that your hands are full carrying hate and you cannot carry something far more valuable –love.

Question 15: Do you think that Latinos hate more than any other race? If yes, why? If no, why not?
I don’t understand where this question and its beneficial intent? Who is the most hateful race? Forgive me for being exclusive and I pray that you do not take this as me being forward but I would like to choose not to humor this particular conversation of whom I believe to be a more hateful race than the other races. I do not believe it would not add any benefit towards the movement and forward progress of mankind. I would like to thank you in advance for understanding.

I asked Jules some miscellaneous questions, here are his answers…

Question 16: Can you tell us one of your strength / weakness?
Well I have many strengths and weaknesses. I would type for days if I had to list them all!! But for now and time sake, I can list a few… (Winking)

 Strengths: Intelligent, kind, loving, thoughtful, multi-talented, strong, insightful, visionary, I am indeed the best father in the world and I can prove it, (just ask my little princess…wink, wink) hardworking, good listener, and patient in some regards—I accept delayed gratification as payment for hard work, excellent lover, great kisser, I have an awesome bod, (just call me the Bodenator/(BB) Body Beautiful LOL) can relate & get along with anyone, anytime, anywhere, can sell myself  to anyone, can make someone believe in me & like me, not a liar, honest, frank, sincere, very open, vulnerable, am a helping person, have a really huge heart, 100% of the time I have good intentions, never revengeful, never jealous, and am a very willing person–I am a giver, really awesome at relationships & giving love, clear communicator, don’t care what other people think, go getter, go for things I want, willing to try something once, and aware of my weaknesses…

 Weaknesses: I am late a lot, not patient for things that I do not want to do nor am truly interested in, a loner, not really close with my family, at time overly aggressive, have a controlling spirit, I want things now, not good with making a schedule, and not the best at keeping in touch with family.

Question 17: Can you tell us about one obstacle in your life? And, how you overcame it?
Well one obstacle that I had in my life that I had to overcome recently was the ending of my marriage in a divorce. The way how I overcame it was kind of by default–the truth is I simply was lost and did not know what to do or how to do it? Please, pardon my French, but the truth is I didn’t know my ass from my elbow? I was lost. I found my way through letting go and letting God. May sound corny but I mean I don’t have any other answer, I gave up trying to do it my way that’s the bare naked truth. I was sincere; and I prayed, went to church 2x’s a week, lived my life according to the Bible, simplified my life and cut out everything. (I just did the basics) I cut out people, places and things that didn’t matter and hung out with people who only were trying to help me. It worked because it gave me time to reflect and get back on my feet. Get back to being Jules Ferguson and figuring out what I liked, who I was, what I wanted to do. I started keeping busy and just doing stuff from 7AM -12/1AM…all the hobbies I was interested in I started partaking in; for example, I went to the movies twice a week, started to treat myself out, work harder at my job, and I started working on goals. Lots of prayer, church, friends, phone calls, solitude talking to God, simplicity, and trusting God one day/one step at a time. I couldn’t see the next step ahead of me, whether it was going above me or below me; but I trusted God that when I walked out in faith there was another step there waiting for me. That is how I overcame my divorce, and in the process of it all I found myself. I found out who I am, what I liked, what I don’t like, what I want to do with my life, and what my purpose here is on earth. I learned how to experience joy and happiness on a daily basis.

Question 18: What does humility means in your own words?
That is a good question? I would say that humility means understanding what power is and how to use it best for the greater good; not just good that may benefit you, or yourself. If you do that, I would say that you are being humble. When I use the word “power” I also mean the word to have power over self, you know… self-control? I believe humility is the choice to put the greater good above one’s own self, and self-interests.

Question 19: What do you do, to de-stress from your everyday life?
I pray, meditate, watch movies/comedies, laugh, talk on the phone with my mentors, lift weights, play video games, run, just sit down somewhere and think, go to the beach, read, write books, poetry, read philosophy, bible, and pray that my soul mate finds me.

Question 20: Do you like sports? If not, what do you like?
Yes I like to play basketball, football, baseball–I rarely play tennis, golf, soccer. I like to watch women’s track, weightlifting competitions, & volleyball because they are total babes.

I want to thank Jules R. Ferguson for taking time out of his busy schedule to do this interview. If you want more information on Jules, you can visit his website at www.iamjulesferguson.com. Also, in the early part of fall—he will be releasing his 2nd book, “The Naked Truth 2: The Path to Enlightenment”…stay posted to the blog—and I will give you the release date. I have read the rough draft—and without giving you any spoilers…I would highly recommend that you buy the book.

Once again thank you to Jules and join us tomorrow as we post on “Why do I have to love”




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