When will the pain stop!!

My readers pain will remain a part of your life as long as you allow it…for example, I was 28 years in pain when my mother told me, “I was a mistake when I was 14…”–this pain evolved into hatred. The wounds that my mother left were so deep–and as mean as it sounds I had two options, (1) continue living with this pain, or (2) let it go. I thought “how” can I let it go when my mom was the one who hurt me–finally one day I told my mom that “I forgive her; and I am sorry if I did anything“–my readers I had never felt lighter; and all I had to do was make the pain stop…

As long as you relive that pain–you will never achieve success. Pain is like a roadblock, not allowing you access to the other side…when the roadblock is removed; than you can continue on your journey…If you want to fulfill your dreams, than you have to put a stop to pain, not be scared, and love everyone…

Thank you to all that read my posts about “pain”, to those that participated in my Facebook group–next week the topic will be on “love”DON’T MISS IT!!


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