Leave me alone!!

I am tired of my life, of everything that is going on, being sick always, everyone that I love dying, always being broke, or everyone that I love incarcerated…I am tired so leave me alone!! How many of us say, “Leave me alone!!” once in a while; or how many of us say, “It is what it is”. I beg to differ, it’s not “It is what it is”…your life can be so much better, than what it is now. We all go through painful moments on our life, we all want to be left alone once in a while, we all want to give up when nothing seems to work–the difference between success and not having success…is those who don’t “quit” and those who do…

I am not here to preach…I am here to tell you that no matter what “pain” you go through in life, if you continue striving–if you continue trooping up that mountain, and don’t let nothing stand on your way; you will become successful…I am not here to say “success” is money; cause it’s not…there are many successful people out there that aren’t rich–I am here to tell you that once you achieve your dream/goal; you have achieved success.

Is it going to be painful sometimes–“Yes”…however, like I always say, “Success is not for the faint of heart” ~ Unknown. I live by that quote, because “yes” it’s hard, or painful; but it can be accomplished…

Life will throw many painful moments your way…but remember only “you” decide if you want to stay intertwined with that “pain” and not accomplished anything…or, you want to break “free” and live a better life. I, family, friends can preach until we turn “blue” that life will get better; but, only “you” can tell the pain to go, and continue on your journey to success…

So I ask you are you ready to say “pain” go away? Are you ready to say, “where do I start?”...if you are email me at jonathan.baez82@gmail.com–together we can embark on your journey to success(just remember I will help you start; but “you” finish the journey alone)


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