Fear you have no control…

The only time that fear creeps in, and tries to take control of your life; is when you are trying to succeed…If you think I am lying ask yourself when you stay in your comfort-zone is there a lot of chaos surrounding you; I think the answer to that question will be “no”

I will give you a case-in-point — in the beginning of this year, I was discussing with my interviewer; how I wanted to start a blog…my business was entering the next chapter; everything was looking great…Then on February, I suffered my second stroke, in June I underwent my third pacemaker replacement…and if things weren’t bad already…in the same month my wife experienced a miscarriage…Now, I had a legitimate reason to “give up”; fear was creeping in making me feel like I didn’t deserve anything, like it was my fault all this happened…There came a moment in time, that I wanted to hang my gloves; I felt like the war had been lost…Fear was reminding me how hard it is to reach success, was reminding me that I was oppressed as I grew up and that I should remain like that, reminding me how the words of comfort that I shared in this blog; were nothing but words…

I could have cave in to fear, like the time fear made me believe I was worthless; when my mother said I was a mistake…but if I caved in, I would always have those “what if” questions…I don’t want to have the feeling of not knowing what the outcome would be…I rather failed knowing that I tried everything; than fail before I even try…Living life is not simple; it’s a roller-coaster with surprised curves…

I believe that you have control of your destiny…what I mean life gives you a map to that treasure called “success”; and you decide if you want to be rich or not…Success is not defined as to be rich with money; but to be happy with yourself…Once you let “fear” take over your life; you let it rob you of your happiness…if you want to be happy again, then you have to tell fear that it doesn’t have control over your life…

Don’t let fear control you; you have the power to be successful…all you have to do is start believing in yourself, loving others and yourself, and giving others what you would “love” in return…So together we can say, “Fear you have no control; and today I will start my journey of success…”

Thank you to Claudia for letting me feature her, thank you all for reading my blogs on “fear”, and thank you to those that participated in my Facebook group…Next week our topic will be on “pain”…

Gracias y hasta luego.


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