Why do we have fear…

Many of us may wonder “why” do I get scared when I am going to make a move that can change my life forever…I asked the question, “why do we have fear?” to my employee; at first he didn’t know what to say…then he mentioned one very interesting word, “complacency”…He told me that we become complacent and when a change occurs/is about to occur we get scared of the outcome; because we automatically assume that we are going to fail…Now I don’t know if his opinion is true; but if isn’t then why do we have fear…

My opinion is that “fear” is that little voice inside of us that say “we can’t”, the doubt that creeps in the moment of a decision, or the spirit of “giving up” before you even start…Fear doesn’t care about you; it just want to do it’s job…which is keep you in your comfort-zone. The minute you step out of your comfort-zone, fear is there to make sure that you go back to your comfort-zone, it wants to control your life and  not allow you to become successful; those who conquer “fear” are successful.

Ask those that achieve their dreams if “fear” wasn’t constantly telling them that they wouldn’t accomplish their dreams…ask them if doubt crept in for a split-second; or if they didn’t believe in themselves for a brief moment…Success, however you define it, it’s hard; but like the saying says, “success is not for the faint of heart” ~Unknown

So, my friends you can continue living your life afraid of what is in the other side of that mountain; or, you can stop being afraid and find out…the decision is yours. I can guarantee you when you decided to step out of your comfort-zone (there will be more obstacles to overcome) you will definitely live “life” to the fullest…If you think I am wrong, just ask those that weren’t complacent with their life and decided to do something about it…then tell me if I was wrong.

Bottom-line don’t be scared of believing in yourself…the minute you let fear come into your life; you stop believing in yourself, and all your dreams/goals cease to exist…My readers why do we have fear?

Tomorrow the post will be “I won’t be scared”DON’T MISS IT!!


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