Featuring Claudia Baier…

I had the pleasure of meeting Claudia Baier, when I did my interview; click here to listen to the interview. I am honored that Claudia decided to do my first interview for my blog. So readers without further delayed; I present to you Claudia Baier “La Alemana con Alma Latina”…

Question 1: Tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Claudia Baier and I grew up in Eastern Germany to a Czech/Austrian father and a German/French mother. I have lived in Germany, Czech Republic, Ireland and the USA. I fell in love with the Latin community watching the movie SALSA. The passion, family focus, direction, strength, love and music portrayed in the movie grabbed my interest. I like the analogy of me being a fish. The Latin community and culture is the net. I, the fish got hooked in the net and became one with it, thus could not be released from the net ever again. My friends call me “La Alemana con Alma Latina”; my best friends are from Peru, Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela.

Question 2: Tell us what you do?
I am the Freedom Ambassador helping people discover their freedom through love and purpose. I do that via one on one coaching, online seminars, workshops, articles, you name it. Among other things, I collaborate with institutions such as HISPA and write a column for contacto-latino.com. I currently am developing a research study on Latino brilliancy and leadership to be published in September 2011. Also, I am leading the first online Latin Leadership Family which teaches its family members to live their life, free themselves from limitations and be inspirational leaders for the International Latino community.

Question 3: Is brilliance and uniqueness the same? If not why?
In my opinion, brilliancy and uniqueness are not the same. Each and every one of us is unique even without being brilliant. However, we are all brilliant only once we believe in ourselves and use our potential for the greater good. In my opinion, we all have brilliancy potential and I have seen so much of this potential in Latin people.

Question 4: What makes you unique?
The way I grew up, the challenges I have overcome and the way I have overcome them, the people I attract, the lessons I choose to learn from every moment of my life and the way I think about myself and the world.

Question 5: What inspires you to do what you do?
The people in my life give me the inspiration of serving the global Latino community.

This week topic is on “fear”, let see what Claudia has to say…

Question 6: Are you afraid of anything? If yes, what?
Every person has fears. Whenever I realize one coming up, I use my strategies to release them. In 2008, I got over the fear of losing my job and thus the feeling of having an elephant sitting on top of my shoulders…within 15 minutes. That is when I learned how to conquer my fears and free myself. Since then, I have been doing so with my family, friends, clients and people I meet along the way.

Question 7: Why do you think people are afraid to display their uniqueness?
When you are unique you stand out. When we are young a lot of us were bullied when we stand out in a way that makes other people uncomfortable. Many people, including myself, questioned their value and worth during these times. This questioning causes people to be unclear about their uniqueness. We are afraid of displaying our uniqueness due to past conditioning, past memories of when we were punished, harassed or hurt in some way for being unique and standing out from the crowd.

Question 8: Why do you think that people are afraid of what others might say, or think about them?
In one word: love. The need for love is reigning in each and every human being on this planet. In search for love and connection, we are seeking approval with the people around us. We must however ensure to give the love we want to ourselves first so we are more abundant and can give more to the people we care about. In two words: cultural conditioning. In working with my Latino/Hispanic clients, I have seen that this conditioning often comes from how parents interact with their children, the values they teach and what children interpret the actions of their parents to mean.

Question 9: Do you think that “fear” holds people back? If yes, why? If not, then what?
This question deserves a definite “no”. It is the lack of belief in ourselves that we can overcome this fear, whatever it is. I know people, including myself that have acted and succeeded in spite of fear. It is the people who do not believe in their abilities, their strength, and their brilliancy that can overcome this fear that are holding themselves back.

Question 10: Do you think that “fear” is one factor of giving up? If yes, why? If not, then what?
Yes, it is. Giving up is ultimate failure. When a person understands why they are afraid, what to do about it, and has a great enough reason to succeed, giving up is not an option anymore.

I asked some questions about “fear” and Latinos; let’s see what Claudia has to say…

Question 11: Do you think Latinos are afraid of what society might say, or do; if they display their brilliance? If not, then what?
My experiences indicate that a great part of the Latin community is afraid and held back by society’s opinion about them. The major problem though is that most of them just do not believe in their own brilliancy out of an urge to be humble…

Question 12: Do you think “fear” is what holds Latinos back? If yes, why? If not, then what?
Fear is a great contributor; lack of belief in themselves is another. There are certain factors of Latino Cultural Conditioning that are holding Latinos back. I learned about this initially from Mr. Lionel Sosa through his book “Think and Grow Rich – A Latino Choice”.

Question 13: Do you think if “fear” didn’t exist; Latinos would be more apt to fight? If not, then what else can stop a Latino from fighting for their goals and dreams?
I believe it would be easier for Latinos to fight for their goals and dreams…provided they have a great enough reason to fight. The reason to succeed is more important than any other aspect. However, if there is something you are trying to achieve and you did not manage for a while, there is something you are afraid of; if you have achieved the goal…get clear on what that is, release it and achieve!

Question 14: Do you think that “fear” is an excuse that Latinos use to stay in their comfort-zone? If yes, why? If not, then what?
It is the emotional need for certainty that causes people to stay in their comfort zone. Fear is endangering their sense of certainty that they will be safe. Once Latinos tap into their inner source of strength, power and belief, they will experience a growth in comfort zone which makes their life more safe and enjoyable. I have been in the position of living in a small comfort zone to feel safe after having been bullied physically and mentally all throughout high school. Once I started looking beyond my fear and get clarity on my goals and discover my strengths, my comfort zone grew exponentially and I felt safer even in difficult situations.

Question 15: Do you think that “fear” is one factor of Latinos giving up? If yes, why? If not, then what?
Yes, fear is a crucial reason for many Latinos to give up on going beyond.

I asked Claudia some miscellaneous questions, here are her answers…

Question 16: Can you tell us one of your strength / weakness?
One of my strength is to help a person discover their true mission in life and turning that into a career that fills them with purpose and helps them bring love into their life at the same time.
One of my weaknesses is my heart for the global Latin community.

Question 17: Can you tell us about one obstacle in your life? And, how you overcame it?
In 2008 while living in Prague, the center of Europe, I burned out while working in a sales position in the corporate world. I did not have any energy, felt unhappy and sick constantly. I came across a technique that created emotional freedom and that helped me free myself and started an upward spiral. During the time of burnout, unhappiness and sickness, the only thing that made me feel free and happy was dancing salsa, merengue, bachata and being around Latin people. The ultimate turnaround started when I invested 1,000 EUR (over 1,500 USD at the time) in a life-changing seminar in which I learned to master my emotions and finances. Since I invested so much money, even though I was in debt at the time, I wanted to ensure that I am staying on the upward spiral and increased the momentum on a daily basis. In the meantime, I am having a breakthrough every day. This is a beautiful experience and increases quality of life dramatically.

Question 18: What does humility means in your own words?
Humility to me consists of three parts: reaching for the stars, being grateful for what you have, inspiring others, not making others feel bad about themselves on purpose and recognizing that you are not the only one that is responsible for your success. The first part is to reach for the stars and bring other people there with you making sure that you are inspiring people instead of making them feel bad about themselves on purpose like bullies do. Being grateful for what you have now is a huge part of humility and success. However, many people mistake being grateful for what you have with settling for less than they deserve and less than what the world deserves from them. Humble to me does not mean that you give up but that you understand where you come from shaped who you are and deserves credit. For years, I resented the people who bullied me until I realized that if they would not have done so, I probably would have never become such an effective coach. I now am grateful for what I experienced and forgave these people.

Question 19: What do you do, to de-stress from your everyday life?
As a woman, I de-stress by going into my feminine by dancing, being free, meditating, travelling, listening to music, spending time with friends or going for a walk with my nutty dog.

Question 20: Do you like sports? If not, what do you like?
I like dancing to salsa, merengue, bachata, and reggaeton and electronica music and due to the nature of my nutty dog walking Moe is like a sport… 😉

I want to thank Claudia Baier for taking time out of her busy schedule to do this interview. If you want more information on Claudia or download a free report on “aspects that affect Latinos in their career and life”; you can go to www.alatinochoice.com. For free advice on turning your career around go to www.latincareersecrets.com. To participate in the Latino brilliancy & Leadership research go to www.latingeniusrevealed.com.

Claudia’s is giving away a 1-on-1 evaluation session worth $50USD from July 20, 2011 until the end of the month if you contact her at +1 323 319 5159 (until 3pm LA time every day). Or you can get a free coaching session audio recording by going to www.claudiabaier.com.

Once again thank you to Claudia and join us tomorrow as we post on “Why do we have fear”


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