A Letter to God…

Dear God,

We have lost many good men in the past & present; from great civil leaders, soldiers, politicians, celebrities to ordinary men (like me)…We have also lost “not so good men”; that where special in someone’s heart…I am writing to you because I feel lonely; “yes” I have a family, friends, and a wife + kids…however, I still feel lonely. You see God, I lost  both my grandfathers, uncles, amazing step-father, and some cousins; who were dads…this Father’s Day, I won’t be able to tell them “Happy Fathers Day”

I know they are in a better place, they can’t get sick no more, or hurt. You know God I would give anything just to spend one more day with them, to hear the sound of their voice, or to look at them and gently whisper the words, “I Love You”…It’s hard not having them here, they say time heals wounds; it has been awhile and I still feel the pain. When God will I be “cured” from the pain of knowing they won’t come back, they won’t sit by my side and hear my stories, or they won’t caress me when I am suffering; when God will I be cured.

In the bible it says, “Surely he took up our pain and bore our suffering,…” ~Isaiah 53:4 So, God why do I feel like a piece of my heart got ripped when I lost these good men, in pain every holiday that commemorates them, or why do I cry every birthday that they are not here; God I ask you again when will I be “cured”

I missed them more every day that passes by; I miss their laughter, their kind/harsh words, their singing, or their joy; God I miss them…

I know they want me to be successful in life, to reach every dream, or to grab a hold of every goal; God, I know they want me to achieve everything, and not “give up” when it gets hard…God, I know they want me to fight, even when I can’t fight no more…I just wish they where around when I need a Joshua/Aaron to hold my arms up high when I can’t no more, or a David to sing me those beautiful melodies when my heart is distraught…

God, it was their time to go…and even though they were taken from me in a haste; I know they are in heaven, waiting patiently for the day they will see me again…until then; God can you tell them, “Happy Father’s Day”….


The Latino With a Voice


5 thoughts on “A Letter to God…

    1. I’m sure many people forgot to say Happy Fathers Day to the Father of all Father!!

      I know I did…smh.


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