Are men & women equal??

I was thinking for a long time how would I write this post…I was taught all my life, that as long as a woman is happy; you’re happy. Or that is all about a woman…I am not here to spark any controversy, or have anyone think that I am a man; so therefore I am going to defend my gender…I believe that equality should be for both genders; that we should emphasize on a woman’s worth as well as a man’s worth…

Throughout my life, I have seen good women & men; I have also seen bad women & men…But, for some reason we speak kind words, make our music, or movies evolve around women……I believe that is a sign of love as long as it is not derogatory, discriminatory, or stereotypical…but, what happen to a man?? Why don’t we get the same treatment as a woman…I understand that our physicality is not the same…but are we not equal??

When a woman does something good in her life, everyone praises her…but when a man does something good in their life, he sometimes gets a “thank you”. Now I don’t want women to get mad at me, or think that I am a “jerk”…I am just trying to prove a point…a woman wants to be treated equal to a man; and I think you should…but, why is it that when you get pulled over by a cop; 5 out of 10 women use their “goods” to not get a ticket…how is that equal??

Equality in my own words is getting the same treatment no matter what gender, color, race, ethnicity you are; you should be equal at all times…Take for example, one of my heroes Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr…He didn’t march, verbally fought, or spend long hours for partial equality; he did what he did, so Blacks and Whites, Male and Female, Latinos and Asians; so that everyone can get the same equality all the time.

Is like I heard in church by a youth counselor, “don’t preach something, if you are not willing to live it…” ~ Youth Counselor…

So the questions come up again, “Are men & women equal? How does a man or a woman defines equality? How equal do we really want to be??”

I believe we should all be equal in the workplace, at home, or in society…I believe that just because you are a man/woman you shouldn’t get special treatment, or treated differently…

I believe this; but “us” as parents do we teach equality to our kids, “us” as role models in society do we teach equality to our younger generation, or “us” as officers of our company do we teach equality to our employees…Equality should not be given sometime, or when it benefits you; it should be given all the time in the good and bad times…

So I ask my male & female readers, “Are men & women equal??” It would be nice to get another point of view, and please feel free to tell me if I am wrong (just be nice)


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