Part III: My Second Stroke

I had my second stroke on February 6th, 2011, before I divulge to you what happened; I would like to take you back to Saturday were I was having no signs of a stroke…I was finishing up some work, so I can watch the Pittsburgh loose to Greenbay on Sunday; I am not a cheese-head, however the wife is…We was finalizing the last things for the Superbowl Party not knowing that tomorrow was going to change my life for ever, bring me to a crossroad of life/death, and change my family forever…

I woke up Sunday, not being able to walk; I called my wife and told her let me get fresh air and the feeling will go away…You see, prior to the stroke; I had similar events…I would go outside, get some fresh air, and the feeling was gone…I was told by doctors and specialist that I was a victim of “complex migraines”; in which you experience the same signs as a stroke…I thought that Sunday was just another case of “complex migraine”

The fresh air didn’t work; so I told my wife, “I’ll lay down in the couch, and this feeling will go away before the big game…” I was feeling fine on  Saturday, so it never crossed my mind that I was having a stroke…I know I should have gone to the hospital; however, in my defense…I thought after I laid down for a while I would be fine…Sunday, didn’t go as planned, I was a victim of a stroke…

Sunday left, Monday came…I still was feeling the same way as Sunday; talking like a drunken sailor, nauseated, unable to walk, and seeing double…my wife took me to the hospital…she wanted to take me on Sunday; however, my stubbornness didn’t let her, led me to this, gave me a second stroke, and allowed me to experience what could have been prevented…so men…“quit” being stubborn when you are wrong, and your wife is right…

I went from my PCP to the ER to Strong Memorial Hospital; in my opinion, the best hospital in Upstate NY…This is where they told me that I had pressure in my skull, I had a 50% chance of survival,  that I suffered a Cerebellar stroke on Sunday…My wife had to make the toughest decisions to keep me alive; “thank God” she doesn’t panic that quickly…I am a strong Latino man…but one of my weaknesses is “panicking”… I am getting better at controlling it; however,  still working on it…

I spent a week in the hospital; honestly, I didn’t know what just happened, how to “act” in the midst of this obstacle, or what to tell my wife and kids…I just went from being healthy to a victim of a stroke in the matter of hours…my life changed with no signs, warnings, or with not giving me a chance to prepare myself for this catastrophic event…My friends this is how “quick” your life can change…

So take these words of wisdom, “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.” ~ James Dean quotes (American motion picture actor, symbol of rebellion, 1931-1955)

Next Tuesday I will conclude with the “Recovery Post”…DON’T MISS IT!!!


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