Why do men work hard…

First and foremost, I apologize for not delivering my final post for women yesterday…With the holiday, I thought that today was Tuesday, realize yesterday was Tuesday very late…Before I go into the new post I want to take the moment to say, “thank you” to all the women out there…you guys are truly a blessings, without you us men would be lost…You keep us sane, strong, dedicated, and show to you and the world are full potential…“thank you” to all the Mothers and Daughters…Mothers inspire, while Daughter’s make us men “weak”….

This month is Father’s Day…just like I did last month, I am going to dedicate this entire month to men…So, why do men work hard (not saying that women don’t)…but what is the psychological mindset of a man, that makes us believe we are “providers”…is it that is instill in us since a very young age…I remember when I was young my father, grandfather and uncles would work hard everyday…sometimes two to three jobs, to make sure that their family had everything they need…I remember the saying, “you have to work to play later in life” when I would ask for something I wanted…Or the saying, “money doesn’t grow in trees”

I remember one-time during college I was working three jobs + going to school…I worked to pay 1/2 of the tuition + books, & anything else I needed…working was a part of my life since I was young…I would mow lawns in the summer, pick up leaves in the fall, and shovel in the winter…My mother always told me, “if you want something in life, you have to work for it…cause I can only provide the necessities…”

Nowadays, is not the same as before…now everything is going up and salaries are staying stagnant…but us “men” work harder to provide for our family…It bring us “men” frustration when our income alone doesn’t support the family; we have to have our “wife” work as well…Now, before I go further I want to be clear…I am not and don’t believe in Machismo…a woman can work if is what they want to do…however, before I married my wife I told her that I would take care of her, that I would provide for her, that I would give her and my kids the world…I haven’t deter from that promise, the economy today just makes it harder for me to fulfill, but I will continue working until that promise is fulfilled…I believe that’s what every “man” told the woman they love…

When I had my stroke…the doctor stated that I am done working, my body told me I am done, my wife stated is over…I looked into my doctor, wife, and my eyes and stated, “I am not done working, until I am dead”…now that may be my stubbornness or my stupidity talking….but every working “man” understand what is being taken from me, what I am giving up…and besides I made a promise to my wife & kids…I intend to keep…

I don’t know if its psychological or instill on me since a young age…but that working spirit is a part of who I am today…like I tell my kids and everyone else, “work hard now, play harder later…”

Is that working spirit psychological or instilled in every young men?


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