A song for my daughter…

When I heard this song…I told myself that this was the daddy / daughter song…Yes, she has till she is 50 years old to get married (LOL), however I knew this song had to be dedicated to her…This song tells a dad that their daughter is not going to be a little girl forever…we want them to stay as little as possible, however that’s impossible…I remember when my daughter was so small she would sleep in my chest…now she is going to be 9 this year…kids grow up so quick…

So, new dads…I hurt to burst your bubble…the kids whether it’s a girl/boy…they grow up to quick…It is like Kenny Chesney says, Don’t blink…Just like that you’re six years old and you take a nap and you wake up and you’re twenty-five and your high school sweetheart becomes your wife…” Life passes you by very quick… so enjoy every moment with your children, because you never know when its your last moment…

To my daughter like I tell you every year of your life…first and foremost, “thank you” for giving me the honor of being your dad…secondly, you, your mom, and brothers have changed my life; and like the first  poem from yesterday said, “I will fight” to be with you, until I can’t fight no more…Lastly, you are my little princess and I once again dedicate this song to you, Butterfly Kisses…I love you, and sorry for making you cry these past 3 days…I was just showing my affection and love that I have towards you….

Next Tuesday is the last day of May…I am going to write my last woman post for this month…It’s called, “Thank you to all the women out there”…DON’T MISS IT!!!


One thought on “A song for my daughter…

  1. You have been a blessing to us as well honey and whether we have our good or bad we will remain bonded together because of the amazing children we have together I love you.

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