Why wo do women need to hear “I love you”…

Every time my wife goes out, calls me, or goes to sleep she tells me “I love you”…and she won’t move, hang up, or sleep until I repeat the same words. Now I think that if I say it one-time it should be enough…well I guess I was wrong. I asked my wife “why is it” that you have to hear the words “I love you” every time you say it…after all you know that “I love you”…she gave me this lengthy reply as to why…but what is the real reason…

After a lot of research and asking a lot of women…this is the conclusion I came to…Many men don’t have to say the words “I love you” many times or hear it many times…we know when we are loved and aren’t…I don’t want to say that we have no emotions, cause we do…we just don’t show them every time…is the way we was raised…A woman in the other hand has to say “I love you” and hear it every time…cause it’s a sense of security knowing that she is loved…not saying that a woman differs from a man; even though they do in a sense which makes them unique…

It also brings some closure of knowing that the man she chose to spend the rest of her life with…still loves her…I love my wife and I will until the day I die…but my wife, just like many other women doubt that they are not loved…one of their fears is that the love has been lost cause of  changes in their appearance…I remember when my mother broke her leg, she thought that her man would see here different…and that he will no longer love her (he did treat her different and lost his love for her)…which is wrong…I strongly believe that your “love” for a person should never change because the person’s appearance changed…so in front of the public I want to say honey “I love you”

Men listen to this song, and if you haven’t told your woman “I love You” in a while…I urge you to do it today…you don’t know if your woman has to hear it…

Women I have a question…are my conclusions correct and you have to hear “I love you” every time? Or am I wrong and once is fine?


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