You are beautiful and valuable…don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise

One time my daughter asked me, “daddy am I beautiful”…I replied well of course honey…then she asked me, “daddy do I have a value”…I stated, “honey you are the most valuable and prettiest girl in the house, society, and in the world” Then I asked why are you asking me these questions, what happen…she replied, “some kids at school said I am ugly and I am worthless…” Then she asked me what does “worthless” mean…trying to keep my composure I told her, “honey you are not ugly, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen…secondly you are not worthless you are valuable…because worthless means when you are not worth anything to me, mommy, yourself, or this world…and you are the most valuable girl in this world…if you were brought in this world…it was with a purpose, which soon you will find out…so don’t let anyone or anything tell you otherwise…I love you for who you are…and at the end of the day it matters what you think about yourself” Then I asked do you think you are ugly or worthless? She replied, “no”…then she said daddy you talk to much…but thank you; hugged and kissed me then went on playing….to this day I can’t find those kids.

Today, there are many girls, young ladies and/or women that believed they are ugly and worthless…cause somebody they cared for tells them, or they have been told that their entire life…I want to tell you that you are valuable…why?…simple, if God didn’t have a purpose for you in this world…you wouldn’t exist…this pastor once told me that everyone that exist in this world has a purpose in life…the thing is that some of us accomplished that purpose…others just veered from that purpose, it’s called “free will”…not trying to preach here, however if you was born into this world you have value…what is that value? Only you know…

Others think they are ugly because they don’t have the magazine bodies…let me tell you something…most of those skinny girls have more health problems than me…LOL…no matter if you are chunky, with pimples, deformities, or whatever the case may be…beauty doesn’t come from the outside…is start from the inside…

“You don’t love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her” ~ Unknown

If anyone is telling you that you are ugly or worthless…then let them go…cause they are not your friends, spouse, or family…you are beautiful and valuable…don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise…always remember is not what people tell you or say who you are…is what you think of yourself…

I say, don’t say you are ugly and worthless and don’t let anyone say it as well…let your beauty and value shine; cause this world needs your beauty and value….

NEXT TUESDAY THE POST WILL BE…”Why do women need to hear “I love you””…DON’T MISS IT!!!


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