The wonderful women in my life…

When you go through your darkest moments in life…you cling to people whether male / female that help you out…we all have that person “that no matter what” will be there for you…besides my wife & family…I have 3 women that have been / or are always there…and these my friend are the wonderful women in my life…

  1. The first woman, I didn’t get a chance to actually spend a lot of time with…however the little bit of time we spent together…she made me feel welcomed, loved and appreciated…I remember one-time I was in pain cause of something that occurred. This woman didn’t ask no questions…she just gave me advice…One thing that stood out, was that no matter if you like it or not…she would always keep it real…we need more people like that…she is so special in my life…you could read more by reading my “What I Really Think About You?” post.
  2. The second woman is my next door neighbor…my friends this woman is a mother-figure to me…her kind and strong words are that of a mother. Back in 09 when I was going to start my business…she was a few of the people who believed in me…whether I be successful or not, she still “believes” in me…When I had the stroke the fact of not knowing what was going to happen ate her inside. She cares about me & my family; more than a neighbor should…her love, understanding and ability to listen to me…makes her a wonderful woman in my life…
  3. Lastly, this woman is not blood related…and the reason I say that, is cause no matter that she isn’t to either me or my wife…she is family…whenever we need her she is there…whenever we want something…she will go to the end of the world to get it…she doesn’t have to, however she still does…This woman has cried, laughed, been mad and argued with us…but overall she has been with us through the good times and bad times…I know I may face legal issues for mentioning your name…however, I want to take this moment to say “Thank You” Tammy Hickey from the bottom of my heart…you are more than a friend…you are truly family…como se dice, “no tiene que ser sangre para ser familia” (like they say, “you don’t have to be blood to be family”)

There are more wonderful women in my life…but these 3 hold a very special place in my heart next to my wife, kids & family…I want to say “Thank You” for being there for me through the good times and bad times…may God bless you and your family…do you have a wonderful woman in your life?


2 thoughts on “The wonderful women in my life…

  1. Thank you my brother for honoring me with your praise…..I truly do not deserve it, but thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!! I love you and my sister and your children and will forever.

    Oh and thanks for making me cry again…..jerk!!!! 🙂 Luv ya!!!!!

    1. Didn’t mean to make you cry…like I have learned…Some people look for praise in everything they do…other just do what they do cause they want to….You my sis-in-law fall in the category “of doing what you do cause you want to”…once again thank you…and I thank God everyday for having the pleasure of meeting you and your daughter…and having you guys as family…so, don’t get a big head now…LOL 🙂 Luv ya too!!!

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