Why do I need you…

Everyone is going to read the title and automatically assume this post is about my wife…I love her, however this post is not about my wife…it’s about the two other special women in my life besides my wife & mother…my two grandmothers who no longer are in this world…Jesusa Maita Baez & Paula Montanez…There is a saying in Spanish that we say, “No sabes lo que tienes…hasta que lo pierdes…” (You don’t know what you have…until you lose it…) When I lost both my grandmothers, it was very painful…I couldn’t believe that they left this world…I had to deal with “reality” that they weren’t coming back…I am not here to discussed their losses…I am here to discuss “why” I need them both…these are the top 3 reasons:

  1. Both my grandmothers were fighters…I remember that both of them were small…but don’t get them mad cause you was in for it…one of them got diagnosed with Alzheimer & the other one with Cancer…however, I remember that no matter what was their diagnosis they fought everyday…they didn’t “give up” no matter what was their obstacle…sometimes I want to give up…cause of everything that is happening in my life and around me…if my grandmother’s were here…they wouldn’t accept failure…they believe “a fighter is not made overnight…it takes years of molding before that individual becomes a fighter…”
  2.  Both my grandmothers were Spanish Queens…no matter how they felt, no matter what they dealt with, no matter how “tough” was their day…both my grandmothers never went somewhere without looking their best…they knew that they didn’t need any alterations to their body to look good…they where “happy” with what God gave them…they where sick every time a Latina or any woman change their appearance to make themselves feel “good”
  3. Both my grandmothers didn’t understand the words “I can’t”…no matter what their kids or grand-kids went through…we weren’t allowed to say “I can’t”…you see my grandmothers believed that you can do anything until you “R.I.P”…the sky was the limit for both of them….they always wanted their kids to outdo them…and their grand-kids to outdo them and their parents…lets just say if you use the words, “I can’t”…your teeth would be were you said those words…and your body would be about 20 feet from your teeth…LOL“if you believe you can do it, you will do it…if you believe you can’t do it, you won’t do it”….that was my grandmothers motto…

My grandmothers were taken from all of us very early…I know we wanted to show them our accomplishments, family, or what we have done lately….when we went through something our grandmothers was our anchor…they showed me, their kids, and grand-kids to never “give up”…that’s why I need them…Do you have grandmothers like mine, please share?


2 thoughts on “Why do I need you…

  1. You don’t know what you have…until you lose it… we dont have to go that far, we can change if we spend a lot of time appreciating them and living life without regrets with our ‘others’

    1. Hello Reagan,

      You are absolutely true, you don’t know what you have until you lose it…so, therefore we should treasure every moment we get with that special person, cause you never know when it is yours or their last moment…

      Thank You,


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