A womans worth…

Whenever I hear the song, “A Woman’s Worth(click on “a woman’s worth” to listen to the song) by Alicia Keys…it takes over my soul. Besides being one of the best vocals in my opinion of the 2001…it also describe to me how important women are. I don’t want to get soft now, and forget about my manhood…even though I have done that since Tuesday…but this month brings the sweetest side of me. This month is a month that reminds me of how special my wife & mother are…every month is Mother’s Day (don’t get me wrong); however, this month on that one special day…you can tell your kids mother or mother, “thank you”

Since the beginning of times a woman has been seen as the homemaker…they have been devalued, undermined, and forgotten about. Women just like blacks had to fight for equality in society, workplace or even at their own home. A woman has always been considered inferior to man; man has always been considered the stronger of the two species. Writing this post…I will probably be mocked, called “names” and so on…

But I think is time that the man sees the value of a woman…“a woman’s worth”. First and foremost, none of us would be here if it wasn’t for a woman. They carry us for 9-10 months in their body and then gave birth to us, some with complications…I never knew what was a birth or the pain to bear a child…until I saw my kids being born. After that “glorious” event…I applaud and give my up most respect to every mother. I had two open-heart surgeries…and I still wouldn’t want to give birth.

Secondly, let’s get rid of the stereotypical nonsense that a woman is weaker than a man…I have seen women in my life knock the smack out of guys. I have seen women do more than men and not complain…and if we are stronger than a woman…then “why” don’t we (men) give birth or PMS. I mean “yes” some men PMS (LOL)…but go through the cramping, bloating and so forth that a woman goes thru. I asked my wife one time what are 3 things you could do without…she said, “no more child births I am happy with our 3, no more PMS, and no Menopause”…that alone is why I am happy to be a man.

I have a daughter…and one day I caught my son telling her that men can do more than woman, because they are men…I had to correct my son, and let him know that whatever a “man” can do, a “woman” can do it as well…Thirdly, let’s stop teaching our children that woman can’t do this or that…because it’s a man’s job. There is no such thing as a “man’s” job…I have been around for 29 years and I strongly believe that my wife, daughter, or any women can do anything they set their mind to do…and sometimes better than men.

Lastly, a woman is a multi-tasker…One day I tried to do what my wife does on a daily basis…boy, I couldn’t even do half of the things she does…my wife cooks, clean, changes diapers, takes care of the kids and me, goes to school, and works all at the same time…I am a big multi-tasker…but man my wife can out beat me. I help my wife the best I can…without her I would be lost…and I think that men would be lost if women didn’t exist…

This Mother’s Day do something that will show your kids mother or your mother “a woman’s worth”…we need them more than they need us…and sometimes we forget their value…so only (3) days left until Mother’s Day…Tomorrow I have a poem written by Joaquin Miller dedicated to all the Mother’s out there in the world. DON’T MISS IT!!!


4 thoughts on “A womans worth…

  1. I would have to agree with you, a woman is as strong as a man sometime not stronger. God created woman to partner with man in their journey through life. I would also like to add there is no such thing as a “woman’s job”. Society (a lot of men) view house work as a woman’s job, it is not. A man dirties the same dishes, a man wears the clothes, a man pees in the same toilet, a man walks on the same floor… etc. So they too can do the cleaning. Don’t get me wrong I am not bashing men, but some need to step up and be a man and get out of the old mind set and masculinity.

    1. I agree with you Mike…it is time for us (men) to help out the woman…we dirty just as much as they do…sometimes more. Men where raised up with the notion that we are better than woman…or that us (men) should be the “only” providers and women should stay home and take care of the kids…I disagree with that for two reasons…First, I believe that all human beings no matter your gender are created equal. Secondly, we live in the 21st century…in many households we need two providers in the household…and sometimes that’s not enough. Good Comment Mike, and by the way congratulation on your marriage.

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