I need you…

When you was here we where far…but yet so close. You was a fighter, everyday you fought every obstacle that came your way. When you were told that you had the virus that have claimed many lives…at first you was distraught…but then you told this virus, “You won’t take me that easy”. Cancer may have won…but it took several years to win, and for that fighting spirit I am grateful.

I wish that I could had spent more time with you…however, sometimes we don’t get what we want. For this Mother’s Day I wrote a poem for you…I hope you like it.

I Need You
By: Jonathan Baez

Everyday that goes by
I need you more each time
I suffered a stroke two months ago
If you knew you would have been here taking care of me
My wife would have been upset…but you won’t care cause I am your “Peluche”

I need your words of comfort on these tough times, I need your hugs
that hold me and don’t wanna let go, I need your kisses that are
medicine to every broken wound.

I need your toughness to continue telling me not to give up.
I need your courage to overcome every fear in life.
I need your bravery to step up to every obstacle.

I need your compassion to help everyone.
I need your love to love everyone.
I need you.

Life is hard without you.
It is tougher than what I thought.

Everyday everywhere I go I see you
telling me “not do this” or “do that”.

You are my guiding angel…and if I
never met you, I wouldn’t be half the person I am today.

Nana…we miss you, love you, haven’t forgotten you
and most importantly, ” We need you”…

This poem is dedicated to my “Nana” who died on 2009 of Cancer. Sometimes, we forget to say “I love you” until it’s to late…Let’s continue fighting for a cure to cancer…cause it’s taking a lot of precious lives.

If you have not told someone lately that you “love them”… I challenge you to do it today.


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