What would you do…

I was on the road on April 19th, 2011, and around noon in Corning the radio station plays music from the past. They decided to play, “What Would You Do” by City High. Remember, they where around back in the 2000, if you don’t this is the song: What would you do… After listening to the song…I started to ask myself throughout the whole day…“What would I do”…with this new stroke, not knowing if I will recover, the kids looking at me and realizing that I am different, and being called names…I will be honest loosing a lot before / after the stroke really hurts…but “What would I do”

I could give up and call it a day…or I can continue fighting. A very educated person told me that important battles are worth fighting. In life we go through a lot of things, whether it’s: sickness, having no money, getting evicted, having someone we love incarcerated, and so much more…we can choose to give up and rule it as “it is, what it is”…or we can fight until the end.

As a Latino brother, I have been a target of racism, profiling, stereotypes, laughter, and so much more…and every time this happened I was hurt; however, I kept fighting for what I believed in. At the end of the day it’s not about who likes you or how famous you are…it’s about “Who you are” and “What did you do” when faced with an obstacle…

If you fight in the midst of adversity…it defines your character, molds your spirit, and let people know that you should be feared…cause you will fight until the end.

Just remember you can have a lot of friends, family…you can know a lot of people…but when you are faced with a problem, is not who you know or have…but, “What would you do”.

Next month is Mother’s Day…so all month I will be talking about Woman and why we need them…DON’T MISS IT!!


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