Why did I get married…

I have seen both Tyler Perry’s movies, “Why Did I  Get Married“… After both movies I asked myself why did I get married? I love my wife unconditionally…but why did I chose to spend the rest of my life with her?

My single friends tell me I committed a mistake…My response to them…is simple…“I don’t wake up alone…I don’t go through obstacles alone…I don’t cry, get mad, suffer, be happy alone”

I know being single is good…do whatever you want without no one telling you nothing…how long can that last? How long can a man / woman go before they need someone?

My married friends tell me it’s love; what does “love” really mean…The meaning of love based on someone else, click here…but what does “love” mean to you? What does caring about an individual really means? How do you really know you love a person?

I love my wife and kids…however, how do they really know? What have I done lately to show them that “I love them”?

When my mother said that I was a mistake…I hated every women. Meaning, the one person that I love the most  abandoned me & broke my heart…besides all the great women that came into my life, the one woman who taught me how to truly love again was my wife. She showed me that no matter what a person has, no matter what a person looks like, no matter what a person can give…if you care about them, if you love them, if that person is your soul mate…you forget about their weaknesses, their iniquities, their mistakes, their issues…and you love them no matter what…is that my friends the true meaning of love? If it’s not…then what is the true meaning?

If it wasn’t for me to reunite with the woman of my dreams nine years ago…I honestly can tell you, “I don’t know where I would be”. I have been married for 8 years…there has been “good times” & “bad times”…any relationship is not easy; if it was everyone would do it…however I can tell you that no matter how much of a headache my wife is and I am…I will never let her go…cause no matter what…I truly love my wife and kids…and that my friends is “Why I got married…”

How long have you been married?


5 thoughts on “Why did I get married…

  1. Aww this a beautiful post… a lot of people need to reading this….

    I’m single and hope to some day get married…

    Again great post!

  2. I am truly blessed to be your wife and yes even though we have had our good and bad we will always beat the odds of ever separating. I am truly committed to you and our kids and I will always be here.

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