Part I: My First Stroke…

As I mentioned before I have had two strokes…I will give you an insight from my own eyes the before/after of my two strokes.

I have decided to break my story into four parts; which are:
Part I: My First Stroke
Part II: Before My Second Stroke
Part III: My Second Stroke
Part IV: Recovery

So let’s get started…

It was a hot summer Friday, on July 2003; when I had to go to work to finish off the week. I woke up like any other day, jumped in the shower, got dressed, ate and left to work. Around lunch time I decided to walk to the store…so I went bought some stuff and came back…started to eat my lunch, and then it started…

The first and last thing I heard was a loud noise…

Then I lost all my five senses: sight, hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling…I knew what was going on around me…however I couldn’t do anything…that is the worst feeling. My co-worker called 911; they showed up pretty quick for being in Rochester, NY…I love my service men / women…however they take a little more time to show up depending on what neighborhood you are from…I was on the West Side…if you are from the “ROC” you know what I am talking about…I knew the ambulance guys or women where there…cause they where holding me. I couldn’t see or talk to them…but I could hear them…I guess my hearing and feeling came back. I wanted to tell them that I was feeling very horrible…but I couldn’t…all I did was throw up. If you never had a stroke…first don’t have one, secondly you can learn the signs by going to:

The ambulance took me to the hospital…and I guess my co-worker called my wife. After everything that happened my wife confesses that she went to my job by bus, grabbed my car, then went to the hospital…now why I tell you this? Cause my car was standard and the wife didn’t know how to drive standard. She was telling me how every 5 seconds the car would stall…however she managed to make it to the hospital. It was funny then and funny now…my wife always found a way to make any obstacle a laughing one…which is good. Sometimes, we start focusing on the obstacle and have no solution…the best medicine is laughter…cause we forget for a brief moment about our obstacle…at that moment we have a clear mind, which allows us to think and figure out a solution to the obstacle…“God I love my wife for her brilliance!”

In the hospital, they did so many exams…even the one, where they stick a “huge” needle in your spinal cord…the doctor’s call it a spinal tap, I call it, “that s#%* hurts”. The doctor’s told my wife that I had suffered a stroke…but they never told her what kind of stroke I had. Several hours later I regain all my senses…except feeling to my left hand. It took about 4-5 months for me to gain some feeling in my left hand…it was still somewhat weak…however I managed.

I went home that same night with no therapy…and still feeling like “crap”. I had to take some time “off” of work to recover..and boy was I going insane…so insane that I built a beautiful garden in my old apartment (I went back several years later to see if the garden was there..nope, it was destroyed.) I even fixed my apartment…cause unfortunately we had a slum-lord…which is very common in Rochester, NY. I don’t understand how you can own several houses / apartments and don’t take care of them..but, take care of yours. How does that make sense?

It took awhile…but I was back to work. My first stroke wasn’t as bad as my second one. My therapist for my second stroke told me & my wife that my first stroke was in the right side of my brain…didn’t cause that much damage. The second stroke was in the “Cerebellum”; which messed up with my co-ordination, balance, strength, and speech. I will speak more about it on Part III.

The first stroke wasn’t bad…however it was still a stroke…and I survived. Unless you had a stroke you would never understand what that person is going through…I hope you learned something from my story…luv ya

PART II: BEFORE MY SECOND STROKE will be on Tuesday, April 26, 2011…DON’T MISS IT!!!


2 thoughts on “Part I: My First Stroke…

  1. This was powerful… Not only the fac that you survived but how vivid your writing is. It felt as if I experienced the whole situation with you. God bless you and your wife.

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