I have a dream to be…

This weekend I saw, ” The Hurricane” with Denzel Washington…based on true events. Whether is true or not I enjoyed the movie; at the same time it taught me something…“that no matter what color you are, if you have a dream and follow it…you will accomplish that dream…” The Hurricane had a dream that one day justice will be given; Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr, had a dream that one day blacks & whites will be together hand in hand…if you want to hear Rev. Martin Luther king, Jr’s speech, here it is: www.youtube.com…we have come a very long way from the times of slavery,  and segregation. However, we still have a long way ahead of us…I loved when we nominated our first black president (Barack H. Obama); whether you believe in his politics or not…when are we going to nominate our first Latino president? When are we going to nominate our first woman? Hillary Clinton had that dream…to be the first woman president, but didn’t accomplish it…I love Hillary, but come on how many women you let down…but that’s “okay” cause we will have our first woman and Latino president.

My dream is to inspired young Latino brothers and sisters, “that they can accomplish anything if they set their mind to it”…they just have to believe in that dream. When I was watching T.V. this weekend, I saw a lot of Latino brothers & sisters…some with their own shows and others with big roles. Most of them started in worse situations than us; but they never let their dream down…and now they are big celebrities. Us Latinos have inspired music, T.V., and much more…look at all the Latino celebrities.

Now is time to forget about our excuses…and live our dream. Cause “what if” tomorrow never comes. I have and will continue living my dream, no matter what happens…I remember telling my wife about two weeks after the doctor’s discharged me from the hospital, “Honey, open-heart surgeries, strokes, society, teachers, my own mother and father tried taking me down…but they couldn’t accomplish the task at hand…I guess the only thing that will take me down is death itself…” I can tell you that if I did it you can do it…but in reality are you ready to tell people no matter who it is to move out of your way…are you ready to fulfill your dream in this world…are you ready to be laughed at, called a liar, racist and much more…are you ready? Or, when will you be?

My professor once said, “You have hope, until you give your last breath”…then he said, “but…don’t wait until your last breath…do it now, cause you never know if tomorrow will come…” I didn’t know I was going to suffer a second stroke…it came by surprise…just like the stroke came by surprise so can death…so I implore you…don’t wait until the last-minute…

Tomorrow I talk about my two strokes….

Hasta Manana,


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