What I Really Think About You?

I can’t mention your name because of legal issues…but I can say that you are from “Lodi, NY” and you are not Latina…Since, I met you back about two years ago…you showed me what a real woman is. I thought before I met you, that a woman was not equal to a man…but boy, was I wrong.

Woman not only bear children…but they do more than a man…seriously men listen…a woman can do what you can do and much more…I have one question to every man out there; can you go through PMS or can you give birth to a child?

What makes you different…simple…is the love you display to your family and everyone else…but yet, you are stronger than the wind…they stated that you should be “Mother Theresa…” and yes they are right. Actually, as wonderful as Mother Theresa is you are better. I remembered one day that you displayed your love towards me, when I was feeling down…and you barely knew me. We need more people like you in this world…unfortunately there are only a couple.

When I gave my interview you laughed with others and believed that it was a lie…although everything I said was true…and when I said “Americanos” I didn’t mean you or your family…so this is a public apology to you and your family…and to let you know that you truly inspired me, no matter who says different…I will always love the way you spoke and taught me…for that I am always grateful. I will always love you and your family, no matter what you think about me.

If this is my 5 minutes of fame…than I want to spend them saying “Thank You” for everything you, your husband and your family has done…for me and my family.

Your family are blessed to have you, your friends should be honored, and those who met you are touched…Thank You and this is how I really feel about you…no matter who says otherwise…


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